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Our Mission


The Wilderness Club believes that the woods belong to no one and everyone.
This is why 10-15% of each sale will go toward ensuring that kids across Canada get to experience summer camp. It’s what we call our ‘pegs and poles’ promise.
We want to inspire a generation of children to have a lifelong love, connection to and care for the great outdoors.



Forest Cliff Camps have been chosen as our first summer camp partner for our inaugural season. Founded in 1939, Forest Cliff Camps has been providing meaningful and life-changing camp experiences to youth in communities throughout southern Ontario for over 70 years. With the philosophy of "more than just a camp," Forest Cliff seeks to draw kids away from the routine of daily life and put them in a new environment with unique experiences that offer growth, independence and discovery.

We have joined forces with Forest Cliff Camp as we share the common goal of making camp more accessible to local Southwestern Ontario youth.
We will be providing a portion of the funds raised from each purchase made in an attempt to make this goal become a reality. No child left behind.